book-covers-1TWO’S COMPANY

Anna has a steady job, a great social life and a recently deceased relationship with unreconstructed hippy Nic. She has never changed a nappy or kissed a baby in her life, and that’s the way she intends to keep things. Until Laura, her best friend, announces she’s pregnant, Nic discovers he has a teenage son from a long-ago relationship and Anna falls madly in love with a man who just happens to come complete with a baby daughter.

Does Anna really want a baby in her life? As broken nights, toys on the floor and the carnage of children’s parties take their toll, she begins to wonder. Then the baby’s mother reappears on the scene…

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book-covers-2TIME AFTER TIME

Remember the 80s? The batwing jumpers, the puffball skirts, the dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair? Cass Thomson does – from the heavy eyeliner to the hits of Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran, it all feels like yesterday…

Cass is intrigued and a little frightened when she receives an invitation to a school reunion. If she goes, there’s a possibility that she’ll meet Gideon Harker, the boy she adored from the age of 13 with the desperate intensity of first love. From his bleach-blond hair to his punk boots, Gideon was her ideal man, and she’s never met anyone to match him, not even now she’s running a minor stately home and perfectly content with her sports journalist boyfriend Greg.

It’s dangerous to go back and see what might have been: what if Gideon is no longer the romantic, soul-searching, green-eyed charmer she remembers, but a balding, beer-bellied, nine-to-fiver? But Cass just can’t help herself…

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book-covers-3TRUE COLOURS

Last Reach Point lighthouse has been home to the Jackson family for years. When half of its garden crashes into the sea during a storm, Beth Jackson knows she can’t delay the inevitable. It’s time to find a new place to live. Out of the blue, Beth receives a lifeline from TV celebrity and would-be politician Gareth Dakers. He offers the Jackson family the chance to live at his home in London. Beth’s father and son are delighted with the move, but Beth has her doubts. Moving to the big city is an upheaval, and there’s certainly more to Gareth’s offer than meets the eye – but it just might heal some old wounds.

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BTTRT cover


When furniture restorer Lia Bailey and her flatmate Aidan find themselves without enough money to pay the rent, Aidan has the bright idea of inviting Lia’s estranged sister Jane to move into their spare room. Jane is in the throes of planning The Wedding of the Century (or the Wedding from Hell in Lia’s opinion), and she soon ropes her sister into her plans – including trying to pair her off with the best man. But Lia has other preoccupations, having recently met the beautiful and mysterious Will Sheridan, who lives his life like a Pre-Raphaelite artist and is more than willing to show Lia his etchings.

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