Half A World Away


half a world away haasler

My new novel, published 12th April 2018 by The Dome Press

‘Half a World Away is a stunning book: tender, chilling, original and uplifting. The changing face of East Berlin is depicted in cinematic detail, while Sue Haasler draws you so close to the central characters of Alex, Nicky and Detlef you can feel their heartbeats through the page. A powerful story quite unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved it.’ – Miranda Dickinson

‘A hymn to optimism and open-heartedness’ – Su Bristow

saxophone-3246650_640East Berlin, 1987. Alex is a talented saxophonist, flirting with ‘Western’ jazz as well as girls. When he meets Nicky – a beautiful English girl visiting East Berlin as an au pair – she makes him feel that his dreams could become reality.

Detlef’s love for his country has always been enough for him, until Alex makes him feel things he never thought possible. But what use is his passion when its object doesn’t even know he exists?

As Alex meets a new group of musicians, he moves closer to influences considered subversive by a state that has eyes and ears everywhere and Detlef’s unrequited feelings threaten to endanger them all.

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