About me

cropped-sue.jpgI live in beautiful Barnet, which is in London (you can get here by tube) but has a Hertfordshire postcode (so you can pretend you live in the countryside). It’s also the only London borough which is rhyming slang for “hair.”

It’s also only half an hour by bus to the BBC Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, which was very handy when I was writing the Holby City tie-in book, Holby City: Behind the Screen. Published in March 2018, this was the first ever book written about one of the BBC’s most popular dramas. For me it was a total labour of love and the most fun of any job I could imagine. I got to interview all of the regular cast members, as well as the people who work away behind the scenes to make it all happen.

I’m still very immersed in the Holby universe and my reviews and articles about Holby City and Casualty can be found every week at metro.co.uk

I write novels, too. My most recently published book  Half A World Away is set in East Berlin before the fall of the Wall. I’m currently working on a book set in London just as the 60s really started swinging.

My previous novels are all still available as ebooks on Amazon.

My writing companion is a farting cat called Elliott, my favourite word is “home,” I play the flute very poorly and have started learning to play guitar, I’m always knitting socks, my favourite place on the planet is Liverpool, I like eating but I don’t like cooking, I love train travel but hate flying, I’m extremely lazy but get bored on beach holidays, I really like concrete buildings, and my favourite authors are Stephen King and Thomas Hardy.

As well as the farting cat, I live with my lovely husband. We have a brilliant and beautiful daughter who is currently living and working in Liverpool (my favourite place on the planet, as mentioned earlier).

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