Blog tour: Swirl and Thread

I’m honestly quite blown away by the amazing review of Half A World Away today on Mairead Hearne’s blog, Swirl and Thread (she also loves sewing, hence the blog’s name: “I was visualizing the swirl of words on a page and the thread of a story working together to make a great book. Also swirls and thread are synonymous with sewing” she says).

As well as the fabulous review there’s also a Q&A which I enjoyed doing because I got to talk about Holby City, Stephen King, trains, Liverpool – all the stuff I love!



“Half A World Away is a beautiful read. Set just before the collapse of The Wall, Sue Haasler has captured the claustrophobic atmosphere of living within such a restricted and, at times, frightening regime. For many this was their norm and what lay on the other side of the wall was what they feared…the unknown. Sue Haasler approached this novel using her own knowledge and experiences of East Berlin, having travelled there over the years and her husband being from East Berlin. For me this familiarity gives a very authentic feel to the novel. At times I was drawn right into the pages as though I were actually there myself.

Alex, Nicky and Detlef are all so very different, yet their individual stories knit together wonderfully to bring the reader a very poignant and at times heart-breaking story. This is a love story, set against the backdrop of one of the most incredible and fascinating times in recent history….The Berlin Wall and it’s subsequent collapse.” – Mairead Hearne


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