Pre-order Holby City: Behind the Screen now

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of the official BBC book Holby City: Behind the Screen, there’s not long to wait – the book will be released on 2nd March.

It’ll be available from Amazon and you’ll be able to order it from any bookshop (the ISBN is¬†9781781325629). You’ll also be able to buy it as an ebook.

In the meantime you can pre-order the paperback version from Silverwood books here.


Holby City: Behind the Screen

Here’s the fantastic cover for my forthcoming book. Holby City: Behind the Screen is the official, access-all-areas, inside view of how the show is put together, from story idea to screen. It features interviews with producers, directors, writers, the people who create the prosthetics and makeup effects, costume, post-production, medical advisers and, of course the all-important actors.

In exclusive interviews David Ajao, David Ames, James Anderson, Camilla Arfwedson, Bob Barrett, Eleanor Fanyinka, Guy Henry, Jaye Jacobs, Rosie Marcel, Joe McFadden, Lee Mead, John Michie, Hugh Quarshie, Jemma Redgrave, Catherine Russell, Christian Vit, Alex Walkinshaw and Kaye Wragg all talk about how they create their characters and what it’s like to play doctors and nurses for a living.

The book will be available early in 2018 and you can sign up for email updates here.

All the Holby reviews in one place

The official BBC book, Holby City: Behind the Screen, has been approved by the producers at Holby and is now at the publisher’s. There’s still a way to go before it’s published (probably not until the new year).

In the meantime I’ve put all of the Holby City reviews I’ve written for Pauseliveaction (everything from June 2009 to October 2016 – the end of series 18) into a book which is available in paperback or Kindle ebook from Amazon.

When Series 19 is finished, I’ll be putting the reviews of that series out as well, with some extra content that hasn’t been seen before.

Latest news


The official, BBC Holby City book HOLBY CITY: BEHIND THE SCREEN is finished! The writing part is all done, and it’s currently with the Holby producers so they can approve (or not) the content.

Once I get the go-ahead from them, we can start the publishing process. I still have my fingers crossed for an October/November release, but I’ll update when I have more information.

Franfurter Tor

The other exciting news is that my novel, HALF A WORLD AWAY, will be published by The Dome Press in spring 2018 – “a¬†passionate talent, a love story and a twisted obsession play out against the backdrop of 1980s East Berlin.”